Rose (sthira_sukha) wrote in vegan_orlando,

Veg Roommate + The Woodlands?

Hi there! I was wondering if, on the off chance, there were a UCF student here who needed a roommate for the next schoolyear. I've been vegan for a little more than a year and cook a fair amount, so I'd be a little concerned with hogging the pantry, etc., rooming with someone on a standard American diet. I'm pretty quiet, 21/F, entering the computer science graduate program next year, and have two totally awesome cats. I really want to find an apartment (amenable to pets) that is on the shuttle route. Please comment or e-mail me (Rose) at and tell me about yourself if you're interested.

Also, I've been craving some Indian lately, but I'm concerned with getting something made with dairy at the Woodlands restaurant. I don't expect them to make an entirely new raita or whatever for me, but if I order a non-paneer-containing tomato-based dish, is there likely to be ghee or yogurt in it? I'm pretty dumb when it comes to Indian food. Can they easily make naan without using ghee? Is there milk in the lassa? I suppose the restaurant employees are probably used to questions from customers who adhere to strict-vegetarian diets, but I'm always worried about being the obnoxious vegan, you know? Thanks for the advice!
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