oceans_voice (oceans_voice) wrote in vegan_orlando,

Moving... stuff for sale.

I am moving, so this stuff has to go.  If you are interested, make an offer, and we will see what we can do :)

I am selling these three white wicker dressers.  They may need a coat of paint to freshen them up, but they are in really good shape. 

A good computer chair.... 

The dvd and vcr shown here.  They are in excellent shape.  I do not have the remote for the vcr, but I bought a universal remote I have been using that I can throw in too.  And I have the dvd remote.  That has been a really good dvd player.  The dvd is an Apex and the vcr is a Zenith.  The cable box is the top thing, and that is not for sale.

The tv here is for sale.  The stand is also for sale.  And so is the antenna.  The tv is an RCA and I have the remote for it.  

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