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More Stuff For Sale

I am moving on the 28th and so this stuff has to go fast.  If you see something you like, ask questions, make an offer, and we will see what we can do about getting it to you :)  I have added more pictures from the last post... a couch, a chair, end table, etc.

This couch is from the 70's.  It is in excellent shape as far as the build of the couch goes.  It is a really comfertable couch.  It is a little dirty.  It is blue velvet that has faded to a greenish color with age.  You can have the two pillows too.  They match the couch well. 

This is an Emmerson 3 cd disk player.  I have lost the remote and the two speakers kind of go in and out.  The actual cd changer works great.  The stereo and 2 tape decks work great too.  Get a new set of speakers, and it will be almost like brand new.  I take good care of my things, and this has lasted me a while.  I got this in 1996 I believe.  

This green chair is also for sale.  It is also in good condition except for the part that my cat has scratched on on the leg of the chair.  If it is recovered or patched, you can easily fix the scratch marks.  The chair is a recliner and the recliner is well oiled and works well.  It is also a very comfertable chair from the 70s.  

This is an end table with two drawers.  Some scratches and things on it, but not anything that cannot be repaired with a coat of wood finish or something.  

This three drawer white wicker chest is for sale.  

And I have two of these four door white wicker chests to sell...

This white wicker mirror is also for sale.  Sorry, I have not had time to clean it so the flash brought out the spots on the glass.  I will clean the glass well before selling it to you. 

Desk for sale.  Nothing on the desk is for sale.  The desk is glued together with wood glue, so it does not come apart.  It has two shelves on the left side for storing things.  It has a pull out tray for the keyboard and mouse, etc.  It has a small drawer on the right side and under that another shelf area where you can store the computer hardware, etc.  

I put a tv and vcr and dvd in another post.  So if you are interested, I have an RCA tv for sale as well as an Apex dvd and a Zennith tv.  Just check the other post for pictures and ask any questions you may have. 

Have a wonderful day!

I am looking to sell this stuff ASAP, so if you are interested let me know soon.
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