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Foodie question!

Hi guys, been a lurker on this group for a while. I'm sad its so non-active!! Hoping to see a little more action during the summer when VegFest is coming up - It'll be my first one and I dont know what to expect but I'm excited! And I wanna meet more vegans!

Anyways, does anyone know of any good local farmers markets or local produce stands in Orlando/Winter Park/Oviedo etc? With gas prices going up and my hours at work being cut, I have a good reason to finally go LOCAL with my veggies.

Thanks for any help :)
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ummm hey, I don't actually live in Orlando or the central Florida area, but I do live in south Florida. What is Vegfest? It sounds like it might be fun and worth a trip there.
From what I've heard its kind of like a vegan festival. FL is new to them from what I've read so its still hard to find info on the internet, and the orlandovegfest.com website is always down it seems. But from what I've seen it's a bunch of vendors, lots of food, activities, merch, entertainment, etc all for vegans. Number of people that showed up last time was around 4,000 so I totally wanna be there! Sounds like a blast. Kind of reminds me of those anime conventions I went to in high school.. Hahaha.. ha.. Nevermind. lol
farmers markets in central fl, near ucf.

University and Goldenrod. Its this little place with amazing tomatos and basic veggies. Extremely good prices, and can get all my veggies for the week for like 6 bucks (thats including green peppers).

Whole foods market- off of semoran, take a left on ...shit i dont remember the roade (map quest it). its on the right, but very pricy.

and one that I haven't been to is Aloma and semoran near Thrift co. I drove past it a few days ago and would like to go some time.