Organic, Vegan, Glycemic Friendly Weight Loss Chocolate!!



Chocogevity presents Tru Chocolate™, the completely organic "Guilt Free Chocolate" with no sugar or artificial sweeteners and a ORAC Value of 3040 per serving.

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Foodie question!

Hi guys, been a lurker on this group for a while. I'm sad its so non-active!! Hoping to see a little more action during the summer when VegFest is coming up - It'll be my first one and I dont know what to expect but I'm excited! And I wanna meet more vegans!

Anyways, does anyone know of any good local farmers markets or local produce stands in Orlando/Winter Park/Oviedo etc? With gas prices going up and my hours at work being cut, I have a good reason to finally go LOCAL with my veggies.

Thanks for any help :)
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To Magic & Possibilities!


Pardon the cross-posting.

On September 23, peta2 will be holding its first-ever student animal rights conference, Take Action, in Orlando, Florida. Covering a wide variety of topics, from starting a group and making your high school or college campus more animal-friendly to organizing a protest, Take Action has something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned activist or a n00b, click here to register now!
What: peta2s Take Action conference
Where: University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida
When: Saturday, September 23, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Cost: Free!

Hope to see you there!

cartoon girl


Does anyone know if there will be an Orlando VegFest this fall? I went to the one last fall at Lake Lilly and had a wonderful time, so I was hoping there was oen to go to this year as well. Any info is greatly appreciated.